Matt H., 31

Education level/degree: Bachelors Degree
Job title or occupation: Project Manager
Background: Describe your professional/career situation at the time that you decided to work with Patrick?
With 4 years of years service to my then current employer and no upward or even lateral mobility options available, I was ready for a change. I had been exploring options elsewhere and applying to jobs as I came across them, but was unhappy with the results. It was at this time I decided to reach out to Patrick. I have known Patrick for many years and after learning of his services and extensive experience in the career counseling field I knew he was the perfect person to help me come up with a new plan.
Expectations: What were you hoping to get from a partnership with Patrick? What reservations did you have about getting started? Briefly describe your thoughts about career counseling and coaching before working with Patrick?
My hope in working with Patrick was to get to the root of my career goals and come up with a systematic approach to finding a new and better opportunity for me and my family.
My only reservation was not being able to nail down what it was that I ultimately wanted to do for a living.
Prior to working with Patrick, my experience with career coaching was limited but had been based around a questionnaire and a brief consultation.
Service: What are some specific ways that Patrick helped you address your career concerns?
Patrick provided me with the guidance and direction that my career search desperately needed. After our very first phone call, Patrick provided me with multiple online resources and helpful introspective exercises to help me reflect on my goals. A vital piece of job searching where I was lacking prior to working with Patrick was networking. Patrick helped me to develop networking goals and with his guidance, I was able to set up multiple meetings with contacts in my fields of interest. With networking goals in place and a structured list of tasks that Patrick helped me to create, I was on my way. He invited me in for a meeting to follow up on my progress which help me redirect some of my efforts, and continue moving forward. Specifically, Patrick help me restructure my entire resume and tailor my cover letters to specific job opportunities. These changes were instrumental to my success as I immediately received multiple interview requests after his work. He was diligent and supportive throughout multiple interviews and application processes, taking time to review my documents and mentor/coach me prior to each interview. He provided me with insight on what to expect in different style interviews and the “do’s and dont’s” . It was in these conversations that Patrick helped me to compose and prepare myself to have a great interview. Overall, Patrick truly cared about not only helping me find a new opportunity, but helping me find the right opportunity for my situation. He provided rock solid professional career advice and services. His approach is holistic; he truly strived to understand my career objectives, employment background and family life to help come up with a thorough plan.
Results: Describe your professional/career situation after completing your work with Patrick?
I was hired for a more lucrative position with growth potential at the corporation which I identified as my “top choice”.
The Future: When/why would you consider working with Patrick again?
I would consult with Patrick on any and all career related decisions.
Recommendation to others: If you were to recommend Patrick to a family member or a close friend, what would you say about him?
Patrick is a detail oriented career counseling professional with a true passion for his work. He is committed to providing exceptional career counseling and technical support. A friend of mine for many years, Patrick is a loyal and high character individual who sincerely enjoys helping others achieve their goals.
One scale of one to 10, how would you rate Patrick’s service overall (competence, commitment, and concern)?
10: Outstanding
One word to describe Patrick as a professional: