Michael M., 29

Education level/degree:
Master’s degree
Job title or occupation:
Curatorial Assistant
Background: Describe your professional/career situation at the time that you decided to work with Patrick?
I had recently completed a contract with a higher education non-profit and wanted to continue my career in the non-profit field, particularly at a history museum. In addition to having had a number of internships in the history field, I had earned a master’s degree relevant to the field. I needed guidance to effectively convey my skills and readiness and to develop an effective strategy to network.
Expectations: What were you hoping to get from a partnership with Patrick? What reservations did you have about getting started? Briefly describe your thoughts about career counseling and coaching before working with Patrick?
Before starting my career counseling with Patrick, I was hoping to develop a strategy to maintain and expand my network, produce cover letters and resumes to the best of my ability and enhance my interview skills. My main reservations about career counseling were working with someone who did not have an individualized approach and/or a career counselor that didn’t have a well-rounded approach. Prior to working with Patrick, I felt that some career advice I had received was either outdated or overly reliant on clichés.
Service: What are some specific ways that Patrick helped you address your career concerns?
Patrick addressed my career concerns by enabling me to initiate a well-rounded approach to my career search. His guidance helped make me a more sophisticated job seeker, and he enabled me to present myself in a compelling and authentic manner. It was very clear from the beginning that the path of my job search as supervised by Patrick was designed to make me more independent and resourceful.
Results: Describe your professional/career situation after completing your work with Patrick?
After working with Patrick, I obtained a full-time position in my field of choice. The preparation used to research organizations and to present myself via cover letters and interviews was a link that made it possible.
The Future: When/why would you consider working with Patrick again?
Whenever I’m at a crossroads in my career.
Recommendation to others: If you were to recommend Patrick to a family member or a close friend, what would you say about him?
Patrick will not only help you create a vision and goal for your next career move, but he will also structure the process so that you become more competent and autonomous as you go through the process of your career search.
One scale of one to 10, how would you rate Patrick’s service overall (competence, commitment, and concern)?
10: Outstanding
One word to describe Patrick as a professional: