Teresa B., 29

Education level/degree: Bachelor’s
Job title or occupation: Business Manager – Health Services
Background: Describe your professional/career situation at the time that you decided to work with Patrick?
I was working as an administrative assistant in Residential Life at Stockton University and looking to improve my application skills in hopes of applying for a higher level position.
Expectations: What were you hoping to get from a partnership with Patrick? What reservations did you have about getting started? Briefly describe your thoughts about career counseling and coaching before working with Patrick?
I was hoping to improve my application materials for open positions. I felt that I may not be able to appropriately convey my ability to meet the qualifications. I did not have much exposure with career counseling prior to my meeting with Patrick. My only exposure was as an alumni through my institution and I did not feel that they treated me as an individual. Instead, they seemed to put me through their cookie-cutter process without listening to my personal goals.
Service: What are some specific ways that Patrick helped you address your career concerns?
Patrick helped me to understand the best resume format for my applications and how to develop a cover letter that would stand out to employers. He also helped me understand what it truly means to tailor a resume to a position.
Results: Describe your professional/career situation after completing your work with Patrick?
I ended up getting hired for the job to which I applied. I do not feel I would have even been considered without the improvements I made to my resume and cover letter. It was the first time I had appropriately tailored my application materials to the position description. Without the tools I was provided by Patrick, I would not have been able to appropriately portray my ability to meet the needs of the position.
The Future: When/why would you consider working with Patrick again?
I would love to work with Patrick again! I am currently in a Master’s program for Higher Education and will be looking to move forward with my career upon graduation. I look forward to seeking resources from Patrick in applying for more professional positions that will advance my career.
Recommendation to others: If you were to recommend Patrick to a family member or a close friend, what would you say about him?
Patrick understand what employers are looking for and will give you the tools to stand out in your application process. He is personable and enjoyable to work with.
One scale of one to 10, how would you rate Patrick’s service overall (competence, commitment, and concern)?
10: Outstanding
One word to describe Patrick as a professional: